How to Place Order?

1. Go to “Kedai Online” at the top of the Main Page.

2. Choose the product you like and press the product image.

3. You can change the amount of product you want here.

After done, Press “Add To Cart”.

4. You can proceed to payment by pressing “View the Cart” or the small icon at the top right side.

You can also go to other product pages and purchase more.

5. If you have place the wrong order or amount, you can correct it here and update here.

6. You can check your shipping charges here too by pressing “Calculate Shipping”.

7. After confirmation done. press the “Proceed to Checkout”

8. Place in the Information for billing and shipping purposes.

9. If you doesn’t want it to sent to another selected, Untick the “Ship to a different address”. If yes, just fill in the information.

10. After all the confirmation is done, Click on “Place Your Order” to complete your ordering.